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Why Do Business Owners Prefer Instant Virtual Debit Cards?

wamo virtual debit card

The biggest factor in choosing instant virtual debit cards is that they are easy to manage. You will not waste time with processes such as delivering the card to you from the bank and applying for a card that requires extra documents. Virtual cards can be created easily and securely via mobile apps or websites. You can then manage your virtual card on your phone, tablet or any other device. Instant virtual debit cards allow you to use them immediately after adding funds and confirmation, without waiting for the card to reach you. Apart from being manageable online, these cards have all the features of physical bank cards. It allows you to perform all transactions that can be made with physical bank cards.

Advantages Of Getting an Instant Virtual Debit Card

1. You can have it instantly
Creating an instant virtual debit card is possible in just minutes. In this way, you do not waste time when you want to create a card for your business and start using it. It is a fast and easy banking solution that allows you to devote your time to focus on your business. If you want a virtual card for your business, discover Wamo. Get your card easily with an online application that takes only 10 minutes.

2. It can be managed digitally
Thanks to digital banking solutions, you do not need any physical card. While it is a precaution against unfortunate events such as lost and stolen, it is also very practical as it is accessible from your phone. You can have your virtual debit card with you during travels, sports, in short, at any time of the day, without the need to carry anything with you.

3. Reduces risk and fraud
Companies with multiple staff and vendors run the risk of fraud and embezzlement. With an instant online virtual debit card, you can create a unique and unique card number for each employee, vendor or customer. In this way, you can follow all your purchases with your phone at any time. If there is suspicious spending on a card, you can immediately cancel this card online via your phone.

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