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What you need to know before starting a business in Italy

What you need to know before starting a business in Italy
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Italy is one of the advantageous countries for those who want to establish a company in Europe. In recent years, Italy has attracted the attention of investors. Reasons such as its central geographical position in Europe, climate, stable political situation of the country, strong economy and workforce are the remarkable features of Italy. If you want to expand your business to Europe, Italy can offer great opportunities for you.

What are the main advantages of starting a company in Italy?

The most notable advantages of establishing a company in Italy are listed below.

  • International logistics is easy and inexpensive
  • The investment culture in Italy is well developed and the tendency to invest is high.
  • There is a strong potential market for investments in Italy
  • Technology and innovation matter in Italy

How to set up a company in Italy?

To establish a company in Italy, you must first have an Italian tax number. An important requirement is a company address in Italy to set up a company. When establishing a company, you may not want to rent an office initially or at all. Then you can contact companies that provide virtual office services. In this way, you do not need to open an office. You can easily have your company address.

After submitting your application to establish a new company in Italy, your company is registered in the trade registry within 30 days. Registration in the trade registry, which is required to establish a company in Italy, takes an average of 10-14 days. There are some documents you need during the application process. Let us share these documents with you.

Requirements to open a business in Italy:

  • Editing the bylaws of the association
  • Memorandum of association
  • Execution of the articles of association in the presence of a notary public
  • Get an Italian tax code
  • Register for VAT
  • File with the Registrar of Companies

How to open a business account in Italy

After you have finished setting up your company in Italy, you have to complete one final step to start business transactions. You must have a business bank account for your company. There are different options for this. You can choose traditional and local banks, or you can choose digital banks. If you want to resort to traditional banks, this is of course possible, but it may take time and energy that you do not want to spend. wamo is an easier and faster solution to get a business account in Italy for your company. It also requires no paperwork. You can open a wamo business account in Italy only with your computer or mobile phone. Moreover, it only takes 10 minutes. Complete your application easily by filling out the registration form. Your account will be approved within 1-2 days. For detailed information about wamo business account, visit the website or start chatting!

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