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Want to Open a Company in Malta?

Want to Open a Company in Malta?

Malta is a small, independent island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. It's known for its beautiful beaches and ancient monuments, but it's also gotten a lot of attention recently for having some advantages for businesses. We will tell you everything you need to know about opening a company in Malta as an entrepreneur!

Corporate tax

You should consider the corporate tax rate in Malta. The tax rate is 35%.

In Malta, companies are taxed on the profits they make. That includes:

  • Profits from doing business in Malta;
  • Dividends paid out by a Maltese company to its shareholders; and
  • Capital gains made by selling shares in a Maltese company.

There are also taxes on interest and royalties, which are paid to nonresidents of Malta for using intellectual property (like patents) or real estate (like land).

Starting a Business

Malta is a great place to start a business. It has a very flexible and transparent business environment with laws that are designed to help entrepreneurs.

Malta is also an excellent place to invest in businesses or open new ones, because it has favorable conditions for investments: low corporate taxes, no inheritance tax on real estate assets or other tangible property, double taxation agreements with many countries around the world such as Cyprus, Austria, Italy and Greece etc., as well as investors' benefits like residence visa upon arrival.

Getting a Business Bank Account in Malta

You can open a bank account in Malta from anywhere. You don’t need to be physically present in the country. There are online banks that you can use to open a bank account. wamo is the best digital solution to open a business account in Malta.

With wamo, you can: -Open a business account in Malta from anywhere. -Send and receive money on your mobile phone. -Make online banking transactions through the app or website. Also wamo has many features designed for businesses. You can register and open your wamo account just in 10 minutes.

If you have decided to open a business in Malta, be sure to check out wamo to open a business account. You can download wamo app from Google Play and App Store.

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