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Open Smartest Business Account with wamo

Open Smartest Business Account with wamo

wamo make life easier for your business, so you can focus on growing and operating your company. It gives you a variety of ways to pay, manage your money and access the services that matter most to you.


wamo offers a range of features that help you to manage your business more efficiently:

  • Multi-currency support. You can accept payments in any currency.
  • Card payments. wamo lets you accept payment directly from customers who want to use their card rather than cash or bank transfers.
  • Bank transfers. With wamo, it’s easy for you to get paid faster—and spend less time managing finances!

Card payments Accept payments in seconds

  • Accept card payments in minutes
  • Accept payments from any device
  • Accept payments from any location
  • Accept payments from any country
  • Accept payments from any bank and terminal
  • Pay your customers directly, or let them pay you online.

The smartest business account for growing businesses.

The smartest business account for growing businesses.

wamo is a smart business account that helps you save time and money by saving your receipts, keeping track of your expenses, and making sure you can always access them when you need to.

wamo is friendlier business account for growing businesses and comes with features that will help you manage your payments, transfers and more.

How to open business account with wamo

Visit the App Store or Google Play and download wamo app.

When you’re on the app:

  • You can choose a passcode and enable Face ID (this is optional, but it’s faster and more secure).
  • Choose your business type, country, and industry
  • Enter your company name, address and registration number.
  • Next, add your director's name and scan their IDs.
  • Add the company’s Unique Beneficial Owners (UBO) details
  • Choose an account holder and scan their ID

Once you have submitted all of your documents, wamo will review them and let you know whether or not they accept. If your account is accepted, it will be live immediately!

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