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How to Open a Company in Cyprus?

How to Open a Company in Cyprus?

Do you want to establish a company in Cyprus and thus reach your international customers? You must have heard about the advantages of establishing a company in Cyprus. Let's talk briefly about the advantages of opening a company in Cyprus. One of the biggest advantages of establishing a company in Cyprus is undoubtedly the tax advantage. Another important advantage is that transactions can be carried out without the need for you to be in Cyprus during the company formation process.

Opening a Company Without Going to Cyprus

You can carry out all your company opening procedures without physically going to Cyprus. First of all, what you need to do is to complete the required documents and make your application. Submit your application with a copy of your ID, registration and residence document. In addition, do not forget to add all the detailed documents about the company you will establish. After an average of 7 working days, you can set up your company.

Opening a Bank Account for Your Company

If you are doing your company opening transactions remotely without going to Cyprus, we will offer a suitable solution for the bank account as well. With digital banking solutions, you can create a business account for your company in just minutes. If you are going to set up a company in Cyprus, check out wamo. With wamo business account, you can make all your payments, receive payments and make money transfers. In addition, you can keep your company expenses under control by creating numerous sub-accounts. You can easily manage all your accounting with its advantageous mobile application. You can download the app from Google Play and Apple Store.

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