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How To Open a Business Account in Cyprus with EU and UK IBANs

How To Open a Business Account in Cyprus with EU and UK IBANs
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Do you own a business in Cyprus and want to sell products or services into the UK without paying international transaction fees? Or perhaps you live outside of Europe but still want access to both EU and British markets. In other words, would you like to be able to transact as if you were a local in the UK and the EU without being from any of those places? Having a business account that gives you the option of EU and UK IBANs makes it possible to accept global payments. Having accounts with European and UK IBANs is a great idea for expanding your business, as this article explains. We’ll also show you how to easily open a wamo business account.

How do I get a UK and EU IBAN in Cyprus?

Open a wamo business account! Are you a foreigner living in Cyprus and wanting to take the first step towards opening a business account for your business? Opening a wamo business account gives you instant access to an EU and UK IBAN. Moreover, you can open your business account online and get an IBAN without having to go there. It's a huge advantage, especially for e-commerce makers, freelancers, small business owners and Etsy sellers.

With wamo business account you can create multiple sub-accounts with UK or EU iban. With this option, you can separate income streams and outgoing payments to specific sub-accounts with the IBAN of your choice.

How to open business account with wamo

Opening a business account in Cyprus is easy for anyone with wamo. If you have your personal details and a few standard business documents to hand (although you will only need one initially), you can register for wamo business account very quickly. Follow these easy steps to opening a business account and getting the EU and UK IBANs that you’re after.

Download wamo from the App Store or Google Play. Go through the registration process, providing your name, country of residence and address, details of your shareholders and UBO where relevant, company details and one of the following documents:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
  • Proof of company address
  • Proof of shareholder structure

After that, your application will be reviewed. In maximum 2 days, you’ll be notified when your account is ready to use.

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