We'll share simple but life-saving tips for small businesses and freelancers on business banking.

Differences Between Online Business Banking and Traditional Banks

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Although it varies according to the needs of businesses, we can say that digital banking is advantageous for all small businesses and startups. Many online business banking options are cheaper than traditional banks in terms of account opening fees, monthly service fees, etc. Also, if you create a business account with a fintech, you don't have to wait for your physical card to arrive in the mail to start using your account. You skip the entire paperwork process and lengthy approval processes. In this way, you can quickly focus on the activities of your business.

Benefits of an Online Business Account for Your Small Business

Internet banking is a great option to save time. You can immediately transfer your income to your account and start making and receiving payments quickly. You can track all the transactions you make on your phone, so you don't have to spend time talking to bank representatives to find out your payment status.

With your digital business account, you can automate your regular payments using just your phone. While this process is difficult and troublesome in traditional banks, it can be organised with just a few clicks in digital banking.

You can control all your assets such as business checks, virtual and physical cards, sub-accounts from one place. In addition, thanks to the developing security policies, internet banking is becoming more secure for you and your customers every day.

Wamo - designed for busy people with big plans

Meet Wamo, one of the best digital banking solutions for small businesses and startups. Wamo, a successful fintech, offers very advantageous features to small businesses. Discover Wamo with the opportunity to create a business account in just 10 minutes. You can create virtual and physical cards, create unlimited sub-accounts, pay and receive payments easily. At the same time, thanks to the QR payment feature, you can receive your payments without any intermediaries or pos. If you're looking for a business account for startups, check out Wamo bank account.

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