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Best digital banks for e-residents businesses

Best digital banks for e-residents businesses

Have you decided to establish your new company in Europe with e-residency and are you researching the process? First of all, what you need to do is to apply to become an e-resident and get your approval. Then you will start your company setup process. Then you need a banking solution for your company. In this article, we will share with you the best digital banking solutions for e-resident businesses.


wamo, a new and successful fintech, is preferred with its many advantages. Opening a wamo business account is possible in just minutes. With its fast and easy solutions, wamo is appreciated by its users. With wamo, you can easily create a visa-supported debit card for your business. At the same time, by creating sub-accounts, you can make the payments of your business fast and easy. In addition, you can create virtual cards for your business. You can make quick and easy transfers and payments. In addition, with the innovative QR payment feature, you can easily get paid with your wamo QR code. With the Wamo mobile application, you can easily manage all your company expenses. You can create reports and analyzes through the application.


Wise, formerly known as Transferwise, provides you with the convenience of transacting with more than one currency. Moreover, you can perform your transactions much cheaper than Paypal and traditional banks. With Wise, you can get a local IBAN from a country where you don't have a local address. Besides, you can keep money in your account in 50 different currencies. You can create a Mastercard supported debit card for your company. In addition, with the Wise mobile application, you can easily manage all your financial affairs and also connect the application to your business tools. You can schedule automatic payments. At the same time, Wise is also good at customer support. You can get fast customer support around the clock.


One of the most preferred fintechs is Revolut. Currency transfers with Revolut are cheap and easy. Transfers between Revolut accounts are much cheaper and more advantageous. Transactions and accounting management are very easy with the mobile application it offers. It supports having money in your account in 30 different currencies. Categorizing spendings, setting up notifications, scheduling automatic payments, buying assets such as cryptocurrencies, gold and stocks are all possible with Revolut.

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