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Benefits Of Opening a Business In Malta

Benefits Of Opening a Business In Malta

It is very advantageous to establish a new company in Malta or to establish a new office for your company in Malta. Malta is frequently preferred by new businesses today. If you are considering establishing a new company, definitely add Malta to your location possibilities. We will share with you the benefits of establishing a company in Malta.

Company establishment capital

Setting up your company in Malta can be much cheaper than in other countries. Because the amount of capital required to start a business is lower than most countries. At the same time, it is sufficient to have only 20% of your capital in the business bank account. Therefore, the physical money you need to start a business is much less. In addition, it is a country that is much more advantageous than other countries in terms of taxes.

Restrictions on Expenses

Maltese legislation is quite flexible for the costs you can claim back. Inquiries about business travel costs, office expenses are flexible. You can claim back most of the spending costs you incurred for your company.

No Language Barrier

In Malta, English is accepted as the official language instead of Maltese. Therefore, almost everyone speaks English. During the Opening a business in Malta process, you can complete all paperwork without the need for a translator. You will not encounter any language-related problems while doing your job.

Online Banking Solutions

When opening a company in Malta, you can use digital banking solutions instead of opening a business account with banks and dealing with a lot of paperwork. If you need a business account in Malta, discover wamo. wamo allows you to open a business account online within minutes. In addition, it offers instant solutions for all your payment and transfer transactions.


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