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Advantages of Opening a Business in Malta

open bank account in malta
open bank account in malta

Malta has the economic advantages and incentives of EU countries. In addition, the fact that the currency is Euro and the language is English provides a great convenience in its commercial relations with EU countries. Therefore, it is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business. If you want to start your business in Malta and are looking for the answer to the question of how to start a business in Malta, we will answer all your questions in this article.

Starting a Company in Malta
The encouraging policies of the Maltese government and the continuous growth trend of the country's economy attract the attention of foreign investors.

There is no residency requirement to open a company in Malta and you do not even need to go to Malta to set up a company. It is sufficient to give a power of attorney to your lawyer to complete the installation process. You can complete all the remaining processes online. After completing the application to the trade registry and all other necessary documents, the company registration process is completed quickly within 2 or 4 days. In addition, the Maltese government does not pay any tax other than corporate tax to investors who want to establish a company. Entrepreneurs establishing a company in Malta can also obtain a residence and work permit through the company they have established after meeting certain conditions. Thanks to all these advantages, the process of establishing a business becomes easier and faster compared to other locations. The digital advantages of establishing a business in Malta have also made it a favorite spot for investors.

Opening a Bank Account in Malta
Malta's economic policies, investments made in recent years, tax advantages, projects it supports and being intertwined with digital platforms increase Malta's popularity day by day for investors.

The most important question asked after the opening of the company is how to opening a bank account in Malta. One of the biggest advantages is that those who want to establish a company in Malta do not have to have an account with a Maltese bank. In this way, you can use digital, advantageous and easy banking solutions instead of dealing with long and troublesome banking transactions. Thanks to digital and fast fintechs, you can grow your business and easily manage your expenses and incomes.

The best answer to the question of how to open bank account in Malta is to create a bank account with Wamo.  With the wamo bank account in Malta, you can create a business account in just 10 minutes. You can easily handle all your banking transactions with its impressive mobile application that allows you to create physical and virtual cards for your business.

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